Applications problem causing payroll issues at Suffield

Issues continue after criticisms that a fresh payroll system was leaving just a fraction of what they may be owed to workers.

More employees state the problem is developing since more workers are compensated off the automatic program.

One said it’s not unlikely most of the about 500 civilian workers at the base have had some kind of issue with a paycheque.

It’s been six months, although I believe we understand that it is going to get sorted out,” said the guy.

Medicine Hat is lived in by many workers at the base, traveling about 80 kilometres round trip daily, and are entitled to a travel allowance — a gain a leading national workers union says excursions up new applications.

Over that time, PSAC says that criticisms have averaged 7,000 per day at a call centre set up to help with issues.

Officials with Procurement Canada and Public Services, the federal department in charge of company payroll service providers, have said the authorities’s that issues were being worked out and old applications was in need of updating.

Union officials told the News the system has difficulties computing non- salaried sums and other payments that were outstanding, including travel allowances, overtime, shift work premiums and other damages, or took improper sums of tax or other tax write-offs off.

In accordance with PSAC the issue is creating issue that is great for the members, including some in distant places, or in the coast guard, who don’t have routine access to their own banks. In those conditions, pay malfunctions led and have gathered to returned post-dated eviction notices, cheques and utility disconnection.